for the love of bread

I can’t emphasize enough how much I love bread. Probably most of my friends know what a major fan I am of baked goods, and especially bread in particular. Pastries, muffins, cakes are also something that I cannot seem to give up despite my incessant whining about wanting to lose weight, but bread, and in particular, the smell of freshly-baked bread, that aroma when bread is being baked in the oven… ah, that is simply heavenly.

It is something that rivals the aroma of coffee brewing, the stimulation of the olfactory sense that just brings a smile to my face and of course conjures up all sorts of images of what these smells mean, and imaginations of how great they must taste. Unfortunately of course, nice aromas don’t always translate into great-tasting food or coffee, because sometimes the smell is heavenly but the quality of the food or drink doesn’t deliver what you expect.

Last Friday while I was waiting for my colleague outside Hankyu in Taipei to cab back to the hotel, there was this smell of bread wafting through the air, which came from a bakery nearby. I didn’t initially want to buy anything from the shop but the smell just had me walking back to it, eyeing the display and thinking how nice they must taste. Eventually I couldn’t resist it and bought a cranberry bread that was rather huge. As I had just had the muffin at the agnes b. cafe I just packed it into my bag, brought it onto the plane and it flew home with me. It was only until the next morning that I took it out to eat while I was in class, and despite that the dome-shaped bread had sort of flattened while it was being carried in my bag, it still retained its amazing softness. It felt like a cross between a sponge cake and bread, and with dried cranberry bits speckled on top and a little burnt edges on the rime of the bread, I really liked it a lot!

Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of the bread because I was only focused on devouring it and the picture above of the display that I tried to stealthily take doesn’t do any justice to the breads. But I was glad I gave in to my temptation and bought the bread! There have been various bakeries sprouting up on our island lately, so it is both good and bad news for me. Good because it means I will have easier access to more great-tasting breads (or at least what they are famed for), and bad because it means I can kiss my diet plans goodbye.

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