home again!

I always have mixed feeling about travelling, and each time when I’m abroad I look forward to heading home, the ease back into a comfortable routine and familiarity, yet I dread the staidness of the life that I am so used to at home. Mostly I think it’s the weather that I have not been able to, and suspect will never, acclimatise to. Having lived in this humid and tropical city state for so many years and counting, it’s weird how my physical being is unable to adapt. Perhaps it’s not something that can be done by most bodies, or my body just can’t adapt to temperatures well.


The autumnal climate has kind of descended on Taipei, so for the last week that I was there, it was a wonderful feeling walking out from a building to cool, sometimes cold, breezes passing us by. I love walking, and it’s even better when you walk for hours outside and not have to break into sweat. But travelling is travelling, and after 4 hours or so, I’m back home again. Each flight is feeling more tedious regardless of the duration, and the time inflight just feels longer and longer.

Waking up early today for my usual Saturday morning class, I was frankly still fighting traces of sleep lingering, coupled with the omnipresent fatigue in my being that just can’t seem to be erased. But I enjoy being up and out early, unless it’s for work, because I want to make the best of my day and whatever waking hours I can squeeze out of a day. Different people have differing ideas about sleep and rest of course, so that’s a discussion that never goes anywhere with my friends. But it’s hard to be sympathetic to some people who lament to me about not having time in the morning for breakfast and feeling serious hunger pangs at lunch. You can’t really expect me to feel sorry for you if you prefer to sleep that extra minutes instead of getting your ass out of bed to eat some breakfast. I can understand if they have to skip lunch or dinner because of work exigencies that extend beyond meal times but where breakfast is concerned, I believe it is simply a matter of choice. Or it is just tough for me to empathise because I sleep less than most people, and I have an odd preference for waking up early.

The week of cool weather whilst in Taipei is making me think of Christmas. Wish I could head somewhere nice and cool for a short vacation then but with my current plans, that doesn’t seem too likely. Oh well, maybe Christmas in Singapore isn’t such a bad idea too. Who knows?

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