Happy National Day!

I think my body is finally failing me, and asking me to take a rest, protesting vehemently with a sore throat, runny nose and a threatening fever. But sometimes I am just headstrong in a self-detrimental way because instead of heeding the obvious signs of fatigue, I chose to go for my usual class and then headed for some drinks and unhealthy bar food with a couple of friends. After falling into bed late or early morning, and managing about five hours in a broken slumber once more, I was out again doing what I enjoy but do not have the opportunity to during the usual work days. It might have been a bit strenuous for the throat but then it was a great few hours I spent catching up with a friend I hadn’t met in a long time. It was funny how we just talked non-stop and agreed that this is the kind of comfort level that friends enjoy, rather than when we have to struggle to find topics to talk about to fill the void, then encounter all matters of challenges trying to keep the conversation going.

Before I call it a night… Happy birthday Singapore! I have complained a lot about things that happen here in my homeland but it’s because I want to be part of this place and hope that it can improve in areas that get me feeling irate. As compared to many other cities that I have been to, whether for work or play, I think we are sometimes too fortunate to not count our blessings and pick at every single thing that happen. I don’t think we would be really happy to say renounce our citizenship here and go become a resident of another country, I’m sure there are some who have been really happy to migrate to a foreign land and now call that country home, but at the end of the day this is where I grew up and I think I still am proud to be Singaporean.

Two persons I know are now having a vacation in Europe! Many people have used this time to go on holidays, typical of many Singaporeans, and I too was guilty of that before. Somehow, we are just a bunch who love to travel so much that we will make use of every opportunity of a long weekend to jet somewhere for holidays. Maybe I should plan for a vacation to Europe next summer. As much as I am not really that fond of some places in Europe that I have been to courtesy of work, there are some other places I have yet to visit that I would like to go to at least once, and it would definitely be more enjoyable if it were a vacation without the baggage of work. I should take it upon myself to make the trip happen, because if I don’t ask, if I don’t persevere and ask countless times to synchronise calendars, it will never happen. Anyway, nobody knows what is going to happen next year, but for this year I think the meagre balance of annual leave has already been accounted for so I can only look forward to the next calendar year. Till then…

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