chase the rainblown fields away

Last month when I arrived in Zurich, it was raining and chilly. At that point I wished I had brought more warmer clothing. Then a few days into the dreariness, the weather got decidedly sunny and warm and I even complained about it being too warm to be outdoors. It was. In the sun, you feel like your skin burned the moment any part of it was exposed to the sun’s rays.

But sunny weather lends itself to pictures that look wonderful. I hoped for better weather and indeed the weather got better, a bit too good until it got so scorching. Then after that it cooled slightly but it didn’t really matter anymore since I was anyway heading home.

It is amazing that I will ever be thankful to see the sun. In Singapore I will grimace whenever I see sunlight that is too bright because it frequently equates to extremely hot temperatures that coupled with the infamous humidity, are just not best friends with me. Where I am now, whenever I see a glimpse of sunlight I’d be so thankful. I can’t imagine that it is supposed to be summer and the temperatures hover just above 10 deg C. Temperatures aside, the gloominess just kills everything else. I can understand how people get suicidal with extended periods of bad weather.

I got reminded of what someone told me recently about being careful what you wish for. Maybe. Maybe not. I guess there will always be a silver lining somewhere, maybe just not now and not here.

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