i never meant to start a war

Sometimes when I travel I always try to find something to bring home, something that is supposedly unique to the place that I visit. Although I think I have cut down significantly on buying gifts from abroad because there are times I feel like it’s becoming a chore, I thought Zurich would still be a good place to get something. I wanted to check out Bally but chickened out the last minute. Of course, going to Bally would be getting a ‘souvenir’ of sorts for myself but I knew I don’t need another bag. While I was at the airport, I almost caved in to a hefty purchase of a watch but again the pain that already wrenched my heart when I imagined seeing my credit card bill the following month made me walk away. I think I have improved tremendously in self-control! Well, probably reality plays a part.

Anyhow, that weekend when I was out I bought and tried a couple of macarons from world-famous (I think they are… aren’t they) Laduree that hailed from Paris. I am never a big fan of such sweet stuff even if I exercise double standards occasionally but I bought two from a very nice sales lady in the shop and absolutely loved them! The only other times I had macarons were probably those from Canele in Singapore, and those were like just sugar sacks that burst in your mouth. Ok maybe I exaggerate but most flavours were so sweet. The only ones that were more edible according to me were the coffee-flavoured types.

But, as this was Zurich, I decided to bring back something that is Swiss-made. Plus, the macarons from Laduree probably wouldn’t be able to keep till I could get to share them with whoever. I chose Spruengli instead, which is supposedly a famous Swiss brand of confectionery, chocolates and mini macarons that are known as Luxemburgerli. I wanted to get them from a shop downtown on Friday evening before I left but I was told they had stores in the airport so I thought I’d get them there instead, thinking it might be easier that way for me to just buy then bring them onto the plane back home.

I didn’t know that when you are at the airport, the two counters they had in the departure areas don’t let you choose the flavours. In the shops downtown, you can handpick what flavours you wanted in your choice of box-size. At the airport, they are pre-packed and come in only one size.


The good thing is that you get a rather good mix of flavours. The downside is that, as with all pre-packed items, there is bound to be some inevitable ‘unliked’ flavour. I don’t know if they keep well but it was about a week after coming back home that I got to meet up with some friends and so brought along this box of sweets to share with them! I popped the box into the fridge though, and I think after a week they still taste ok but not as awesome as when they were freshly-made. I tried one at the store downtown too when I walked in to inquire, and it’s also really soft and chewy like the Laduree ones!

20120711-204110.jpgThis is how they look like without the plastic cover, cheery and colourful!

20120711-204119.jpgI hope my friends enjoyed them!

3 thoughts on “i never meant to start a war

  1. yup yup! they were wayyyyyyyy better than any in SG (though in general I’m afraid of macaroons and seldom try SG ones cos’ of a few yucky experience).

    acid test – i let my family try and they said it was GOOD!:):) thank u babe!

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