at this moment, i am alive


It felt surreal, that each click I made brought me one step forward. One-time lucky; online sale opened at 10am, and I got this confirmation in my inbox from SISTIC with a time-stamp of 10:04. I wasn’t so lucky with SJ, because back then I tried for 45 minutes with many back and forth clicking at SISTIC with an amplified amount of frustration, before I got myself 2 (instead of one) pairs of tickets, one of which was an extra that I sold off eventually anyhow.

Thank you Lord! Thank you everything and everyone for making this work for me!


4 thoughts on “at this moment, i am alive

    • they announced a second date for the concert and i’m so pissed off because the original date is 28 Sept (Fri) and they added a show for 29 Sept (Sat)!??!>!

    • yep! the last concert i went to in SG i thought that sitting down was so restrictive. It isn’t like when we went to Saitama and everyone could and was standing up and having a lot of fun. so yes even though i think it’s going to be very tedious i am still going to brave the crowds for the standing arena!!

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