What originally started out as a flight with this coding SIN-NRT-SFO-AUS became SIN-NRT-SFO-IAH-AUS.

I know the above looks really confusing but since my days working at an airline (in an administrative capacity sadly, in case anyone thinks highly enough of me to qualify as a flight attendant!), I like talking about cities by their three-letter airport codes. It’s not to show off or anything, but it’s just my Singaporean penchant for TLAs, a.k.a. Three Letter Acronyms. One of many idiosyncrasies I have.

I have grown to not enjoy flights anymore, which may attract many I-told-you-so comments all over but I still love travelling; it’s just these days I get tired so easily and after all these trips I get a bit more selective as to where I’d like to visit for a vacation.

The first two flights were relatively ok, I got to SFO alright but the nightmare started there. After a quick clearance if the customs, as I proceeded to recheck my baggage, I was told that my flight connecting to AUS has been cancelled due to bad weather. There won’t be any direct flights as it isn’t a big city with many connections. After crossing several time zones and about 20 hours later, I was quite ready to crumple from helplessness and desperation together with exhaustion.

Fast forward. I got booked on two more flights, and a standby for the first flight to IAH, with the second due to arrive in AUS at 10pm. Actually from the moment I cleared the standby list to IAH, things went rather smoothly and I did get safely to the hotel by 11pm. It was a very long Tuesday I went through, starting from 7am in SIN and ending at 11pm in AUS, with 13 hours in between.

Out of all these bad things, there were still moments that made me feel a little better even though I thought at one point I was going to snap anytime from the stress. Perhaps from all these, I can learn to be stronger and more independent, and to take things in stride instead of bowing down to circumstances.

Hope you all had a great mid week, and look forward to the weekend! So far the weather in Austin has been rather nice, it’s warm like in Singapore but it’s a few degrees cooler generally so together with the sun, it’s nice to be outdoors for a while.

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