Joe & Dough

As much as I won’t describe myself as someone who knows her coffee so as to not come across sounding like I know more than I really do, I think I can’t deny that I have a pseudo addiction to coffee. I suppose I can go without coffee for perhaps a day or more, I don’t really know because I have not been without at least a daily coffee for some time, except perhaps when I am up in the air for an extended period, and we all know how coffee is not that great in the cattle classes. Oh how I miss the long-gone times when I could actually request for a Blue Mountain coffee or something like that. Oh well, the past is the past so let’s not dwell on that too much.


I met up with a friend for coffee one lazy day and I suggested, or maybe insisted, on going to Joe & Dough. The first time I tried this cafe was at its outlet at Change Alley, or perhaps that should rightly be Hitachi Towers. That’s where the big SingPost outlet is (if it is still there) on level 2, in a corner that is nearer to the road, not on the side near to Chevron House/Raffles Place.

Raffles Place being where it is, i.e. far from my current work place, is not exactly an ideal location for me where lunch/coffee is concerned. And it doesn’t open on weekends, which makes it all the more impossible for me to go there at all. I was glad to see a store pop-up in Suntec City, just outside Carrefour on the ground floor! It opened sometime back I can’t remember exactly when, but hadn’t had the chance to pop by.


Their coffees are decent, and as far as I can remember, their sandwiches are not too bad if a tad pricey. This time I only had a muffin while my friend decided on the cheesecake. I didn’t poke my fork for a try so I don’t know how it tasted but from the looks of it, it appears creamy and the air pockets suggest a certain degree of fluffiness perhaps?

Latte art these days seems to have become the norm rather than the exception.



Having visited the outlet at Raffles Place during lunch hours the cafe was busy and crowded, and as space was limited, the tables were placed too near one another to feel comfortable, especially when they were so small to even fit properly the plates and coffee mugs of 2 persons dining together. Maybe that’s the trick to reduce the comfort level in order to ensure a faster turnover? The store at Suntec was different in that aspect because there are no walls to constrain you within so it feels more open although the downside is that you get all the ambient noises from the shopping crowds from Carrefour or around. However as it is located toward the quieter side of the mall outside of the supermarket, it isn’t still all that bad, even on a weekend.

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