mistaken identity

This was what the hotel provided for a body lotion. Initially I thought it was a rose scent since it said “rose magnifique”, although it seemed odd if it indeed was rose and then the packaging is blue – seemed contradictory no?

So anyhow I tried it, the entire suite of the toiletries from shampoo to conditioner, bath gel and body lotion… and well… the first thought that came to my mind. Crabtree & Evelyn La Source.


The colour and texture of the gels and whatever are exactly what I recalled from La Source. I also had a tube of La Source handcream in my luggage on this trip and the scent of this ‘rose magnifique’ bears an uncanny similarity to La Source.

Again the shampoo and conditioner were like the La Source ones that I’ve tried – blah. But I have used the products for the last few days and thankfully no side effects appearing yet. Anyhow it’s just a few days and I will be travelling to Shanghai this evening so no more ‘fake’ La Source!

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