Someone Like You

It’s easy to understand how Adele’s Someone Like You got so popular. I cannot remember when was the first time I heard it but I was officially introduced to it, or rather, got to know who sang it and what its name was, one night while I was at Wala Wala with the UnXpected band singing on stage.

The melody is friendly and sounds simple enough, yet those piano chords seem to have a haunting quality that perhaps coupled with the lyrics, make for a radio hit. Incidentally, Adele’s 21 is highly-raved and won many awards including the Grammys this year which was just last month. There are various other songs in it that are great too, and depending on your preference, Someone Like You may not necessarily be your favourite. I listened to the album once on a flight and recalled there were some songs that I liked, one of which was Set Fire to the Rain.

Anyhow, as I listened to Someone Like You, I grew to like it more but as with most songs, they can become an overkill if you start to hear them everywhere. I’m not a radio person but those times I have sat in someone else’s cars and a lot of times I’d hear this song, sometimes when I am out shopping or dining in some places, I’d hear it too. And this is not restricted to Singapore… I remembered I was in the shuttle that I booked to go from San Francisco Airport to the apartment that we’d rented for the week, and I heard the song too. However, as the broadcast frequency decreased, I think my like of the song will start on the uptrend again.

This song came a few years late. I was wondering, if a few years ago, if I’d heard this song, how I might have felt. Perhaps hearing it each time may just bring tears to my eyes and induce a stab of pain in the heart, with lyrics that so aptly describe how I would feel then. But that was then, and then this is now. Years on wounds have healed and we have all moved on. When I listen to this song, I don’t have any particular feeling of association with it. It just comes across as a nice song that is sang by a really wonderful voice.

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