When I first got my iPhone, I deleted the application AMPed. I cannot remember why I did that, maybe because I felt that I wanted to rid my phone of apps that I don’t use although that is a weak reason since even with a paltry 16GB of space, I haven’t even used up half of the space (I think) after almost 2 years and more than 2,000 pictures later. I don’t store a lot of songs in the phone because I have a separate iPod which is fast becoming a white elephant; I still need to figure out how I am going to get a proper back-up of the more than 30GB of music in the iPod if I were to try to import them to a new one, if I ever decide to get a new one that is. Any suggestions anyone?

So anyway, it was only after a long time that I somehow ventured into AMPed and discovered (see, another telling sign that I am an absolute laggard where such things are concerned) a rather large database of songs available for download! Of course the songs are downloaded into the app itself where with the iPhone signed on with a SingTel line, I automatically get an account that comes with the benefits of free song downloads (or did I sign up for an account before, I couldn’t recall), so you need to go into the app to listen to the songs. I don’t know if these songs could be somehow ‘ripped’ out of the app, but even without any network the app can still be accessed and ditto your downloaded songs, so that’s not a big issue to me.

I think the app is a great idea and wonderful replacement for the iPod where I am concerned, because there are so many songs available, new or old, and it is also a channel through which I can discover new music/songs. I don’t listen to the radio, so often how I am introduced to new songs is really random; through friends, movies, dramas, random youtubing of MVs, etc. This is another great place to do so, and just a few days ago I discovered this singer called Skylar Grey. She has been around for a long time with a first album out in 2006 but I sampled one of her new songs on AMPed, Invisible (that will be part of her new album to be released in 2012), and really loved it! Went to look up some info on her and found out that she was the voice in P.Diddy’s “Coming Home”, and she was also part of the team that collaborated on all three versions of “Love the Way You Lie”. Now, no wonder she sounded familiar in Invisible, and no wonder I enjoyed the song so much, although maybe the lyrics played a part in getting me hooked onto it currently.

I think I’m becoming more and more reliant on the phone. What used to be a tool for calling and texting has evolved over the years into so much more. When I don’t have data coverage overseas I begin to feel very handicapped that I can’t check my email and feeds from the various social networking platforms, since I’m not big on games and most of the other apps that I use requires data too. It is quite a common sight to see people being so absorbed with whatever they have on the screens of their smartphones when we are out, whether we’re commuting, waiting for friends or even while with friends, or sometimes even when walking. I’m not so sure if it’s a good thing because it puts a lot of distance between people even if our world is growing smaller each day, but that’s one of the price that we pay for the advent of technology. It is a great idea to have it as a distraction to while time away, or when we need information on-the-go, but when it starts to encroach on interpersonal relationships, then maybe it isn’t such a great idea anymore.

5 thoughts on “AMPed

  1. For backing up the iPod, I can’t fully remember how I did it, but this might be it.

    Copy & paste into a folder somewhere on my PC (probably in Explorer). Your media are all saved in strangely named folders.

    Then, you fire up your iTunes and drag those folders in. However, the only problem would be that you might find duplicates appearing if you already have those songs in your iTunes. Well, you can do something about duplicates I think from iTunes. Also, you might have to do some major editing to the names and albums. That’s when the duplicates might come in handy.

    After that, you sync your new iPod (if you’re getting one, or iPhone) with iTunes lor if you want to.

    • The problem is with the names and albums. I can make a copy of what i have in iPod but then the file names are all in numbers. I don’t think I’m going to be able to manage 30 GB of files trying to edit the names and stuff.

      Sigh. Shall see what happens. Maybe I’ll just dump those songs. Start afresh.

      • not sure, but wonder if we’re able to download that when we search for album info or something.
        Usually once you drag into iTunes, it automatically sorts itself into the albums, although the names of songs are gibberish.
        I also fear the day I have to do the same (again).

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