I can totally get how the Londoners must feel. The Seasonal Affective Disorder, since they are supposedly shrouded in gloomy weather for most parts of their time. I have an extremely low tolerance of heat and humidity to be living in this part of the world, although I am sure I am not alone where that is concerned, and therefore we are complaining incessantly about the weather this and that, so much so that I use it as a convenient excuse for a lot of things, such as being always togged out in comfortable attire like tanks and shorts with flip-flops, which has already garnered our ‘fine’ city a bad rep for sloppy dressing.

Anyhow, the rainy season has sort of arrived on our shores, evident by the recent slew of thunderstorms that can occur at any time of the day. Yesterday I was unfortunate enough to be caught in the rain while on the way to work, and I suspect I might just have to ditch that pair of pumps I was wearing since it was thoroughly soaked and I wonder if it would ever dry. Well, a legit reason to shop for new shoes? But I really liked that pair for its comfort without sacrificing too much on the aesthetic front, imo. I need to do some serious housekeeping of shoes and clothes but am still trying to stop procrastinating on that. It’s become more vital for me now considering that I’m going away for a vacation soon! And what happens on vacations, I just eat and shop. I’m not big on sightseeing, especially since I am the sort to prefer to play things by ear, so most of the time I end up just chilling, eating, and shopping. Lazy traveller, if you’d ask me, but that’s what vacations are supposed to be about!

Sometime back I read from Her World’s tweet that Crabtree & Evelyn are launching a new series, the Pomegranate (together with Argan & Grapeseed). I was thinking if it could be that range from last Christmas. Last year during its year-end members’ Christmas sale, Ilsa invited me along and I got the shower gel of the pomegranate series, since the rest of the items were already sold out! I used it when I travelled, and I really liked its scent! It has a nice mixture of fruity and slight floral scent without being too sickeningly sweet, so there is still a refreshing aroma that appeals to me. I was honestly quite sad when I finished the large tube of shower gel that I had on one of the business trips, so just the other day when Ilsa and I were passing a C&E shop, I popped in to try the body lotion and it IS the same scent! I guess they must have gotten feedback of its popularity that they decided to launch it as a permanent item. That can only be good news to me, although I didn’t get anything there and then since I have only started on the Jurlique hand cream; but come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever finished any tube of hand cream completely, except for the La Source hand therapy, which happens to be my favourite C&E range (except the shampoo and conditioner which I find to be quite blah). Now Pomegranate is going to be a competitor for La Source, and I highly doubt I’ll see me finishing up the Jurlique hand cream. Hehe. Christmas come soon (and don’t go please)!

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