plan to have no plans

Before the last weekend began, I think I had grand plans on what I had wanted to do, but as with the greatest plans things didn’t turn out as planned and so deviations occurred.

It has been raining so much lately, and towards the end of last week on both Thursday and Friday evenings, I thought so much rain had fallen that maybe there won’t be anymore rain for a while. Well, I was wrong because this morning there was yet another downpour that left my shoes all soaked and now I’m still hoping they will dry in airconditioning. I really hate the feeling of wet shoes and now I think I will bring a spare pair and leave it in the office for such days.

Weekends always seem to fly by especially when they turn out unexpectedly busy. Spent Saturday running around various places, with the highlight being the BBQ. We were thankful for the dry weather during those few hours, even though we were adequately sheltered. It wasn’t until after lots of food, wine and cake and half a movie and I reached home that it started to rain.

Didn’t plan to do much on Sunday but turned out that I headed out at 9am and it wasn’t until almost 11pm that I called it a day.

Caught Tatsumi last night and I think my Japanese really suck because half the time I couldn’t understand what the dialogue was about if I hadn’t read the subtitles. Sure, I caught a few words here and there but other than that, I wouldn’t have been able to grasp the gist of the stories if I hadn’t read the subtitles. So even after more than three years and two successful attempts of the Japanese Language Proficiency Tests, I am still nowhere near a beginner’s comprehension of the language. I wonder how long it will take for me to be even slightly conversant in it, and as well, how long it will take for me to attain that kind of levels where Korean is concerned.

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