service… not.

I have come to realise that when I don’t get enough rest or sleep, I tend to be more irritable and grouchy. The smallest and trivialest of things can get under my feathers and make me flare when on normal days (when I am well-rested) I would just ignore it and let it slide.

After C’s wedding on Wednesday and having little sleep the night before, coupled with an already huge sleep debt building up, I was seriously tired but still insisted on making the best of my waking hours. I met up with M (or should I say… R) last evening and she suggested Wala because initially she had wanted to check out the band. Until I told her that the band that she’d heard of doesn’t start until about 930pm, so anyhow we still met there and sat downstairs for dinner.

I would consider myself as a pretty regular customer at Wala Wala but more than 90% of the time I’d be seated upstairs because mostly I was there for the band. I don’t have many complains about the level or quality of service because we do give concessions during times when it’s crowded. We’re not unreasonable people, so even when our food or beer take longer to be served we can live with it.

But last night it was different. I can blame it on my inherent grouchiness but the waitress who was hovering around our table really pissed me off. I don’t mind that the moment we were seated and given the menus (by someone else) she came over to ask if we’re ready to order. I replied no, and asked for a few minutes – this happens all the time so it’s no biggie. But it’s when we were eating and drinking, and of course catching up, she kept coming to interrupt us and asking, “Are you done?” with the food and drinks. We were almost sort of done, yes, although we didn’t finish the food, but maybe a better way of putting it would be, “Would you like me to clear that for you?” instead of the brusque “Are you done?” like she can’t wait for us to get off our seats and leave. The thing is, it wasn’t even super packed, because there were still empty tables around so I don’t understand why she was so bent on shooing us off. Even on one Friday night when I was having dinner downstairs with another friend, nobody came to shoo us away although they were operating at full capacity.

This is probably the first time I’m getting so annoyed with any wait staff at Wala because all the other times they were generally ok, just slow or forgetful. Perhaps they weren’t trained to ask properly to clear customers’ plates, or maybe saying “are you done?” is much easier than the more polite way of “would you like me to clear that?”

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