(mini) battle of the hand creams

I am not very diligent when it comes to hand creams, although I have started using them, albeit on a very on-and-off basis, since a few years ago.

Of the first hand creams that I recall using was L’Occitane’s Happy Hands series that I bought from Duty Free. There were 6 tubes of 3 different types of miniature-sized (about 30ml) hand creams/lotions in a box. If I remember correctly, it was verbena, lavender, and something else, maybe cooling hand gel? Aside from the three types contained in the (then) Happy Hands kit, I have tried some other L’Occitane hand creams that were usually Christmas gifts that I received from friends, like the festive edition type. I’ve tried Shea Butter too and it isn’t too bad, moisturising without being too greasy but it has a smell that perhaps not everyone may be accustomed to.

Then there is the other well-known toiletries brand, Crabtree & Evelyn. They also have various lines of fragrances with hand cream being one of the items. I haven’t tried many of their hand creams as opposed to body lotions, which I tend to use a lot of when I travel to dryer climates, but most recently I used and finished the La Source Hand Therapy 25ml tube, which was also a gift!

Other than these, there is Jurlique’s Rose hand cream that I bought on a trip to Australia and happened to pop into the Jurlique shop to pick up some toiletries then. It was sometime back since I bought that but I figured that as long as it wasn’t opened it should be safe to use. I just opened it today and it still smells fine.

Honestly, I would be one of the last persons to compare hand creams because I don’t use them consistently enough to comment if they actually work. Now, I use them in the office because the air-conditioning makes my hands really dry and I apply them to the elbows too because that’s another spot of dry skin on me.

Of the ones that I have used, I think I like C&E’s La Source Hand Therapy best. It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the La Source scent so that is a major contributing factor. Besides, I like the light texture of the cream as it doesn’t leave your hand feeling sticky after applying it. It glides on easily and gets absorbed into the skin promptly after applying, and after that it makes my skin feel and look softer. As compared to L’Occitane’s hand creams that tend to be rather thick and therefore sticky, this was a godsend for me. I also think that some of L’Occitane’s hand creams tend to be a bit too slick without actually doing the work of a hand cream even if it smells rather nice.

I have just started using Jurlique today and already I am comparing it with C&E. The Rose hand cream is stickier and as I type I think I’m leaving some residue on my laptop. It’s not as easily absorbed which means I have to spend more time rubbing the cream into my skin, and to be frank I don’t really fancy the rose water scent. Perhaps hand creams that are creamier works better for dry skin but to me, how it feels like after application is very important too.

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