flight path

The loveliest part about a flight is cloud-surfing. That was the hobby that an ex-colleague-turned-commercial-pilot named as one of his interests. I wonder if they ever get used to all those breath-taking views they see all the time when they fly. I only tried once when I was in a flight simulator at the training facility of one of my ex-companies, and it was already amazing enough (ok maybe I’m just easily impressed) with a simulated take-off and landing (in various simulated weather settings) from the vantage point of a cockpit.

I can only make do with looking out from the tiny cabin windows at the side, and usually I don’t get a window seat because I don’t really like being crammed right on the inside of a row of seats unless of course the flight is empty and I get the whole row to myself so it’s easy to move in and out. Or when I am seated in the emergency exit row where I don’t have to go about “excusing me” to get out over two other persons.

On the most recent flight back from Bangkok, I was seated along the aisle on a 2-seater row towards the back of the plane, so the window was nearer to me and I could just glance out and get some pictures at the same time.

It was a late afternoon flight and the sun was just beginning to set a little as I said goodbye to Bangkok. I don’t know if I will return in the near term, be it work or holidays, but I don’t have a very strong motivation to go back. It’s just too warm there somehow, unless I can get past that first. Phuket or Krabi, maybe, if and when that happens, since being at the beach, I am fine with perspiring but aside from that, hmm nope.

As we neared Singapore twilight descended and this was the striking cobalt blue sky that I had mentioned before. The almost-full moon was beaming brightly enough to catch a tiny picture of it.

And as the plane finally touched down on the runway at Changi, the sun was just disappearing beyond the horizon. During the flight, I was on the east-facing side of the plane, if not I guess I could have caught some sunset view from the plane too.

On this trip, I was booked on TG and although the plane was not too bad, I think their service definitely wasn’t fantastic. A rather new plane was used on the return flight, a 777-300ER-alike (if I’m comparing it to the SQ fleet, which I think should apply across airlines) and it had VOD which was really useful for such a short flight that I was on. But the flight attendants… they were not even professionally polite. I suppose such short flights usually meant it’s a turnaround, which often equates to a negligible amount of allowance and perhaps that’s why the sour faces, but it’s a job still and the least they could do is to display some professionalism? The way they went about serving meals and handing out amenities to passengers was as though they were doing it so grudgingly.

Thailand is marketed as the Land of Smiles but apparently their flagship carrier is lacking in the smiles department.

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