sawadee ka

I was back in town for two weeks, and then it was off to Thailand, Land of Smiles. Or whatever it’s called now.

This time, the company booked me on Thai Airways, so no SQ for me. Actually I’m ok with it for this trip, since it isn’t such a long flight from SIN to BKK, and honestly, most Asian airlines are fine. There was this TG flight attendant whom I encountered onboard who wasn’t so friendly, so maybe she wasn’t having such a great day. But thankfully the flight attendant serving my aisle was really friendly and the meal served was good. Of course, in-flight meals in Y class is never really excellent but it’s edible and sometimes, can be above average. Besides, my favourite part of the whole meal is the bread bun (yes go ahead and laugh) so it isn’t that hard to fulfil.

There was no inflight entertainment since the flight was so short at slightly more than 2 hours, plus I didn’t really feel the 2 hours that much.

The company put us up at an apartment that’s relatively near to the office and it’s nothing short of great for me. Went out on Sunday evening upon arrival and it’s just hot through and through. Even though Singapore is pretty much as warm as Bangkok can be, it seems to feel more unbearable here. Perhaps it’s the congestion of traffic that leads to a whole build-up of hot air in the atmosphere that makes it so bad. But luckily it’s much cooler now, since during the day I’m in office, which is intolerably cold, and the air wasn’t so still at night when I was out. And last night it was raining so the mood to head out was totally dampened.

I really don’t mind staying in a nice apartment like what I have now, but definitely not here. It’s too hot, and not enough air-conditioned places around to make it better. But Bangkok is still quite a good city, with delicious and yet affordable food, though the last time I remembered being here was probably 5 years ago.

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