morning dalliances

I’m glad that Friday is here! But it’s a tiring morning, especially when the last few days saw long days packed with stuff. Lessons on Monday and Tuesday, concert on Wednesday and beer-drinking + music last night! Today is going to be another day but at least there is no work tomorrow.

The only two pictures I managed with the dying phone on Wednesday night. This was the before picture, slightly past 8pm, when it was still rather empty. The stage set-up was really weird actually, because they have 2 huge speakers at both sides of the stage that if you were sitting in the blocks of seats right next to the stage, you can see nothing because they obscure your view of the stage totally.

People started trickling in later, and before the lights went off, the standing area was pretty much filled up. There were some people who were sitting near where I was who came in late, at about 930pm. Why they would be so late and why they still bothered, I don’t know. C’mon, if you are attending a concert that is supposed to start at 8pm, even factoring in all the delays and whatever, 930pm is seriously a bit too ridiculous?

Last Christmas during the C&E members’ sale, I bought a huge tub of pomegranate-flavoured body lotion that I adored. It smelled really good without being overpoweringly sweet, and the texture was rich enough to moisturise in cold and dry weather yet doesn’t leave a sticky residue after application. It lasted me for a few trips, when I went to Tokyo in February then Hong Kong in April and most recently in Mexico. I never really use moisturisers in Singapore because there really isn’t a need to when I don’t sleep in airconditioned rooms, and I’m just too lazy to do it. But I can’t afford to be lazy when I’m abroad because I don’t like to see my skin flaking. 

So I got a nice surprise on Wednesday too  when I was presented with this!

I haven’t tried it yet but at first whiff it smells like something I would like, lightweight and fresh. Many thanks to my dear pal!

And… I recently discovered that a small hint of civilisation landed near the workplace. It isn’t the best but if we make do, it’s still not too bad.

Yay to takeaway local coffee/tea! I don’t think we will ever see the day when chains like Starbucks, Spinelli or Segafredo pop up around here but we can always wish can’t we? Yesteday during lunch we were talking about those mobile food operators that we saw around for a really short while many years back but somehow were discontinued. I think they are a great idea, like what we always see in other countries in the region especially Japan; provides more options during meal times for deprived folks like us!

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