succumbing to the bug

I think I should stick to this habit to take a break from blogging over the weekend, although I suspect it is not something that I will stick to. Some habits stick because they form naturally, others that I try to form, well I don’t have so much luck and perseverance with them. So we shall see…

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of convenience stores; I wonder if each time I wander into a convenience store, or combini as they call it in Japan (trust the Japanese to come up with some abbreviated English), when I spend a long time browsing through the shelves and taking a longer-than-necessary time deciding what I should leave with, if the shop assistant is pondering if I am a shop-lifter.

Anyway back to Taipei! I mean… talking about it. I was sort of lucky to have a few hours to myself the day I arrived since work only began the next day, so I went out and got baked in the heat, and as well I stopped along the way at a convenience store to pick up some groceries (yup the ahjumma/obasan in me), where I found this:

Japanese snacks/sweets/whatever are also something I really adore and so when I see something new or interesting I’d definitely pick it up. That also explains why I have this neverending problem fighting the flab and whatnot because I see too many interesting stuff in these stores. I love Earl Grey, as I have discovered in the earl grey Fauchon ice cream that I unfortunately cannot find anywhere else other than Japan, and earl grey latte isn’t so bad too, plus now with earl grey-flavoured chocolates that really do have an earl grey taste to it, that mixed with the bittersweetness of chocolate, is really a big thumbs up! I regretted not getting extras to bring home but in a way it’s good for me too.

One other thing I really enjoy about travelling (if only it wasn’t that I had to work, I would love everything about it) is the wider variety of merchandise that is available for sale. I don’t know everything that is overseas that are not available here or are offered at a much lower price abroad, but through friends I get to know some when they pass me their shopping lists. According to my friend who is a make-up/skincare junkie, Laura Mercier is cheaper abroad (that I have yet to verify since I don’t use their products), so I helped her get a couple of items and at the same time bought something for myself i.e. the foundation primer. 

I actually don’t use foundation so I don’t know if a primer for it would benefit me in anyway, but I like that the texture is rather light and it’s not oily when you apply onto your skin. For me, I think my sunscreen works better in helping make-up stay on my face for the duration of the day as compared to the primer, but I haven’t used it enough yet (without the sunscreen) to really comment on it.

And sorry for the ring-cam-whoring but here’s just another picture of my latest accessory buy that I am just so in love with.

My camera really seems like it’s on its way to RIP because the macro function seems to have gone kaputt but after the ring I think I need to hold off any other major purchases since there are other things in the pipeline that I am already planning for, which may also be a cause why I still have yet to score anything from the GSS although it started more than a month back.

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