crazy hot days

The weather lately has been nothing short of madness. I noticed that I seem to be getting more freckles on my arms no thanks to me not applying any sun protection on my skin aside from the face, when I step out. Typically, we don’t apply sunblock/sunscreen on our bodies because of the humidity that tends to turn everything sticky within minutes of being exposed to the atmosphere, and frankly, I think at this stage we can’t be too bothered if the harshest sun exposure we are getting is the 5 minutes of walking to/fro the lunch place. But for now, sun exposure to me is more than just heading out for lunch, since I am currently considered amongst the ranks of the unemployed, or before any of you start shooting forth your questions, in-between-jobs.

Anyway I’m not about to start expounding on the benefits of applying sunscreen or the detrimental effects of not doing so. Rather, since I came back from Hong Kong, I have been ever so grateful for the weather there even though it is still not what I’d consider to be the best since it’s still pretty warm but we can all still live with the 20-odd temperatures with it dipping lower once the sun sets beyond the horizon, and even though the place is supposedly one of the most polluted cities in this region. I guess it makes a difference that I’m not staying there for a prolonged basis because I’ve been there during their summer days, July, August or even September, and it’s no joke when the temperatures are hovering in the 30s and it is polluted. Gosh, you’d almost wish you could die.

I met up with my baking friend C on one of those days after I was back, when she gamely agreed to go check out this cafe that I’d read about in Juice magazine. It was so warm and sunny that afternoon when we met at Tanjong Pagar that I thought I was going to vapourise under that heat, making the long walk from the station all the way to Craig Road where the cafe is located. We took a leisurely stroll along the way though, checking out other shops on the way and we actually missed the shop until C thought to look up the unit numbers of the shops and we realised we had waltzed past it. This is why:

That’s about as much as you can see of the shop from the front, and it kind of shared a ‘front’ with a law firm that was probably housed in the upper floor, so it really wasn’t our fault. But locate it we did, and we were there at a pretty good timing because the lunch crowd was just thinning out. Whilst we were seated and waiting for our orders to be served the cosy interior of the cafe was rather noisy with the chatter of the lunchtime crowd, but they cleared out soon and we were then able to talk and hear each other comfortably.

We both liked the place for its simple decor and the food was delicious, albeit a tad pricey I should think. I decided to just write about the food on the other blog just so as not to replicate it here, so if you want to see what we ate, just click on the side-bar for the link. Hehe.

I love it that there are more of such small independent cafes sprouting up in and around our island, and I suppose it takes a bit of nosing around to find out about them too. I wonder how they survive in our fickle society unless they have a loyal group of regulars, but for me, convenience is a priority. As much as I fancy trying out new places for the experience and definitely the coffee and food, too far flung out places are just not always on my radar of regular visits because I don’t own a car nor do I possess a driving license!

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