dazed. and confused.

I have been feeling so tired recently that no amount of sleep each night seem to be able to make me feel better, or more rested. Ok, to be fair, I really haven’t been sleeping much, not in accordance to the recommended daily number of hours anyway. So maybe it’s no wonder that I feel so tired all the time. And that has resulted in me sometimes feeling a little spaced out and dazed.

My eyes are threatening to droop shut as I am typing this entry while I wait for my phone to charge. There’s about 10% left to go and I don’t want to leave it with the power on through the night. So pardon me if I am not making sense.

My muscles are aching a little already, even though it’s just been a couple of hours since I came out from a very exhausting class of combat. I can’t remember how long it has been since I last attended such a class because somehow I haven’t been free on a lot of past Thursdays. And I’m just paying back for it now with the weariness. But sweating from exercise is something that I really enjoy, even if typically I hate the very notion of sweating. Ok, perspiring. I perspire really easily, and my heat tolerance is extremely low, so I really detest humid and warm weather like what we have almost all the time in Singapore. But sweating buckets while exercising is a very good cleansing process that I like. When I exercise and don’t perspire, I feel weird.

There are days when I really want to go out and shop, because there are a number of spots and shops that I have been wanting to check out since forever, but somehow I procrastinate as usual, and end up not going, and not doing any shopping. I want to get this pair of shoes that I’ve eyed for a while but have not gotten around to getting, and even though the shop is really near where I work currently, it’s still not an item that I own. I feel kind of tired at the end of each day to actually have the energy to bring myself shopping. Is that odd?

And oh, last weekend I tweeted about this wasabi prawn salad that I had for lunch, and it was actually quite yummy that I feel like having it again this weekend. But I think it’s going to be really funny if I go back to that same place and order the exact same thing, except that this time I am not going to order the almond latte because it isn’t great at all. But then I doubt they will actually recognise me on the second visit. On the other hand, I feel like having a cupcake at Toast, or some nice wasabi chips at Blood Cafe. Hmm. Too many choices. See, choices are bad for me.

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