sound bites

I was first introduced to Muse some years back by the ex I believe. One of the really great things about being in that relationship was the vast musical genres that I was exposed to because he’s quite into music in some ways, and often made me sample many of those songs that he liked. Good and bad in a way, but this isn’t about discussing relationships, so we shall move on.

I liked their Time is running out from the Absolution album that was released in 2003. Apparently, according to Wikipedia, the band that hailed from Devon, England, has been around since 1994, but yes yours truly isn’t that advanced when it comes to discovering new music, so it was only 10 years and 3 albums on that I came to know about them, and how infectious their music can be. Their brand of music is labelled alternative rock, and rightly so, in ways that I actually can’t describe. Haha. The lead vocalist has a haunting quality to his voice that reminded me of Brett Andersen from Suede, although it doesn’t have that whiney melancholic twang to it as compared to the latter, but nevertheless mesmerising and extremely captivating. The way he lends his voice to the song made it sound so hopeless and sad, and yes I know it sounds odd but I am really into such depressing music, regardless of the lyrical content because I seldom read into lyrics.

I don’t think I have their Absolution album, although I might have it on my iPod, but I haven’t followed-up on their music since. In 2006, they released the 4th album, which I totally wasn’t aware of, and then in 2009, Resistance was launched. It was at Wala last Saturday that I got to know of this track on their 5th album, Uprising, and it was amazing. It’s made to be a rock anthem, the way the drum beats form the background for Matthew Bellamy’s deliverance of the song, it is just perfect. And I am so crushing on his voice right now, I am wondering if I should head out to the stores to get my hands on the album. I have never heard them in concert before, though I believe they were on our shores to perform previously, and if it’s something recent, it would be such a great pity…

3 thoughts on “sound bites

  1. Me & 2 friends were just talking about Muse just last night! I don’t know their music although I’ve heard of them. They’ve been compared to Radiohead and 1 of them said they are on a higher level. I should go check them out too.

    though I believe they were on our shores to perform previously, and if it’s something recent, it would be such a great pity…

    oh yah, they were here quite recently, some time early last year.

    • I haven’t heard enough of them to compare, but I think Radiohead’s music is a bit darker to me. More depressing. Haha. I have “Uprising” in my daily playlist now, together with a weird mix of other songs lol.

      Yeah that was what I was suspecting cos I thought I remembered they coming last year. But i thought they cancelled or something. So the concert happened?

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