Sometimes once something cracks, no matter how you mend it, it will never be the same again.

It’s like how people often say that trust is like a mirror, and the moment it’s broken it will always be flawed and will never be the same as before. Works the same with everything else in life, right?

I would like to think that I make friends easily, as long as the other person doesn’t make me feel like I am not good enough to get acquainted with them. See, I am not someone with truck loads of self-confidence so it takes a lot to actually befriend someone. And when I make friends with people and feel their sincerity, I tend to trust them too much and open myself up too much to them. I tell people too many things about myself and what I think or not, that frequently I only end up with nothing but hurt in return, whether it is these people betraying my trust in them or somehow them using what I have said against me, in whatever ways. Why are interpersonal relationships so difficult? It isn’t rocket science, but it sure feels more complicated than that, and worst of all, it isn’t just about using your brain to understand, but you need to throw in your heart in order to comprehend, lots of it.

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