back on local soil

After being diligent in posting daily in January, I think I’m starting to slack this month. It first began because I went away during CNY and on certain days I didn’t have a proper connection to do any form of blogging.

And I realised that there are just days I don’t feel like posting. I’ll still be updating regularly of course. I can’t afford to neglect my blog because I like to write too much about anything and everything.

I had to sit through an uncomfortable flight last night for the whole of 7.5 hours, and I was so glad when the plane finally touched down at Changi and I was able to collect my luggage promptly and head off for home. The weather isn’t comfortable at all at 26 deg, when I was just getting acclimatised to the single-digit temperatures in Tokyo, but at least there is a familiarity that is somewhat comforting.

The thing about taking non-SQ flights is the larger mix of passengers’ nationalities on board, and it helps greatly during customs clearance locally because you will see that the automated clearance counters are typically quite empty, and so it makes clearing the customs a breeze. Then, our ground and baggage handlers definitely have to be lauded on efficiency because being amongst the lucky ones to get out early and not having to queue for Dad’s alcohol at duty free, the wait for the luggage wasn’t long at all.

Today was an exceptionally warm day out, and I had to be out running various errands such that I wasn’t able to get enough rest even though I went to bed only at close to 2am, because I was quite determined to catch up on the pineapple tarts that I had missed out when I decided to fly off to Tokyo on the night of the 初一. And the catching up continued today when I came home with the prawn rolls and bak kwa, and then… my parents actually saved me a huge bowl of sharks’ fins soup they cooked! The family tradition is to have sharks’ fins soup each year on the second morning, but because I wasn’t around I whined that I am missing out this year. So a bowl of it was scooped and frozen for me to have it tonight for dinner, together with chicken curry that my mum decided to cook. For a week without exercising, and all that good food that is lining my stomach, I am quite hesitant about standing on the weighing scales because I just know for sure how reality is going to come crashing down on me.

There are some things that I had wanted to write about, but I shall leave that for another time because it’s really right about time for me to go off to slumber land before I return to the daily grind, even though yes I know, it’s tgif.

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