fattening up

Is not something that I want. But I think I can’t help it with the way my cravings work sometimes. Almost on a daily basis, I will crave to eat something.

Mister Donut’s doughnuts! This is the Pon de Ring that I always order when I visit any of their outlets when I travel. I guess perhaps it’s a blessing they are not in Singapore otherwise I might have grown even fatter with the easy accessibility of these sweet stuff that do nothing other than give you empty calories and perhaps lead to a whole plethora of problems with excessive consumption. I’m not really a fan of Dunkin Donuts although I had that in Seoul last year when I was there, so it doesn’t matter that there is a store in Ion. :p

I’ve been indulging in uncontrolled eating. Definitely not a good thing. But weirdly, even though I’m supposedly sick my taste buds, as usual, are in perfect tip-top form.

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