Did a final breakfast at Tully’s coffee on the 26th, the day we were due to fly back home. Somehow, even with Tully’s opening here, I think the experience will just be different. Gosh, I’m experiencing withdrawal symptoms already! I need to start planning for my next holiday really soon!


Before we left the apartment, we managed to capture some day shots of the surroundings as it was a really bright and clear day. I still think that I don’t really get to see such nice blue skies in SG. Perhaps it is only in winter time, and when the atmosphere is particularly dry, that the sun’s rays feel more scotching and burning, and the way the rays slant onto the earth is different, and also the sky just takes on a different hue of blue from the refraction of the light. Whatever.





On the last 2 days, it was extremely windy. So much so that at night, I was kept awake by the howling wind against the glass panels of the sliding doors of the balcony, and the mesh frame hitting against the panel frame. I wondered when I actually fell asleep, but definitely I awoke on Friday feeling tired, partly also because I have no desire to descend back to reality.

So… a last look before we leave. I wonder when will be the next trip back here again.


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